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Sponsorship 101 – Knowing The Basics

Marketing strategies have, over the years, evolved into an arena of different tactical methods in promoting products that range from people to things. One such method, which has been growing at a ra........ Read More

Soar High With Media Sponsorship

One integral part of creating the right kind of exposure for your business is through the use of media. Through radio, television and the like – product and/or brand circulation becomes widespread........ Read More

A Pursuit On Personal Sponsorship

Let’s say you’re seeking for sponsorship but have no idea where to begin. This guide helps in what to consider when planning on a sponsorship package that is worthy of attention from any sponsor........ Read More

The Legal Side Of Sponsorship

Sponsorship, by nature, is a business affair; and as with anything that is in the arena of deals, partnerships and mergers, a legal agreement is always in the works. This is most especially practice........ Read More

A Sure Hit Sponsorship Proposal

The company you work for is planning to have a major event, and you’re in the marketing group, assigned with the specific tasks of finding suitable sponsors for your event. It seems like a cinch ........ Read More

Corporate Sponsorship And The Movie Industry

A Match Made in Heaven or Not? Commercialism is everywhere. We see it in the streets we walk on, the malls we shop in, the music we listen to, and even the movies we watch. Companies have taken e........ Read More

How Sponsorship Topples Over Advertising

There isn’t a great issue over which fairs better between sponsorship and advertising. Both are marketing tools that strategically apply to different situation. There are however usual times when ........ Read More

Sponsorship – The Good And The Bad

Promoting a company’s product or service is no light task; but with the number of tools that are available for marketing, it becomes easier. There is, however, no single perfect marketing strategy........ Read More

No Idea What Corporate Sponsorship Is?

Here’s the Chance to Find Out In the fast changing times, where one day you’re ahead of your business, and the next you’re struggling to make ends meet, the key to knowing how to stay on to........ Read More

The Popularity Of Sports Sponsorship

Sports sponsorship can be observed and dated back to Rome and Ancient Greece where prominent society members supported the arts festival as well as the sports played. By support, it didn’t mean th........ Read More

The Seriousness Of Immigration Sponsorship

It is no great shock when one gets into another country through illegal means. Illegal aliens have been present ever since, and it has always been an aspect for immigration centres world-wide to kee........ Read More

A Look Into Boeing’s Corporate Sponsorship

Boeing is the leading aerospace company in the world, and by far the largest manufacturer of jetliners for commercial use, and also military aircrafts. They are the forefront runners in aerospace in........ Read More

Golf Sponsorship

Contrary to what many people may believe, golf is a sport. It may be slow-paced and easy-going as compared to other bone-crushing and fast-paced games such as cricket, tennis, soccer etc. Two importan........ Read More

The Caltex View On Sponsorship

With every successful, big time company, comes the responsibility of involving itself with community welfare and support. Whether it is through the advocacy of the environment or to the society, thi........ Read More

Sponsorship And Philanthropy - Two Acts Of Support

Charities, non-profit organizations, and independent organizations are always in need of funding. Donations given to such institutions are often a large source of their income for operations and cau........ Read More


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Biking Running Swim Workout
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