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Food Production & Eating Habits From Around The World

RRP $534.99

This book brings together a selection of studies written by specialists from universities and/or research institutions from every continent. The processes of change in systems of production, commercialisation, and consumption of food, as well as the problems and nutritional habits analysed here, develop within the framework of the technological and socio-productive transformations experienced in many parts of the world as a consequence of the transition from traditional rural societies to the predominantly urban and industrial societies of our time. Many of these societies are affected by the fluctuations, questions, or socio-economic uncertainties caused principally by what is named globalisation. The authors involved in this volume are from a variety of backgrounds and their theoretical-analytical focuses regarding eating habits are quite diverse. However, independent of their different perspectives and scientific disciplines (Anthropology, Communication, Economy, Marketing, Medicine, Nursing, Psychology and Sociology), all of these authors are united in their concerns regarding similar food processes and problems, such as the industrialisation of food production, junk food, fast food, eating disorders, overeating, obesity, the impacts of ideal body images on eating behaviours, lifestyles and feeding, anorexia, bulimia, organic foods, healthy foods, functional foods, and so on. Moreover, in a time shaped by a worldwide standardisation of eating habits, the search for identity, specificity, or distinction through the acquisition and consumption of foods is commonplace in many chapters of the book. Likewise, these chapters show a generalised interest on the negative effects of the advertising and communications media that often drive patterns of food consumption and provoke desires for ideals of beauty and body forms prejudicial to health. As the editor states in the preface, all this occurs in an ever more modernised and globalised world in which artificial procedures of the production of industrial foods that are quite opaque to the general public become increasingly widespread. In such a world, while people's concerns over the healthiness of foods increase, we are witnessing a non-stop expansion of markets for organic food, as well as the repeated manipulation of growing consumers' preferences for certain foodstuffs that they believe are healthy or have specific natural qualities. This manipulation frequently takes place through a variety of advertisements that announce a series of industrial foods as supposedly possessing these qualities. Obviously, a priority objective of these and other advertising strategies is to increase sales in the agro-alimentary sector in a context of obvious over-production and over-supply, which in turn is translated into the stimulation of food consumption. This would help explain such developments in the current consumer society, which is explored in further detail in many chapters of this book.

Clean Eating

RRP $16.99

Do You Want To Be Healthier, Lose Weight, Increase Energy and Live a Happier Life?!

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to start clean eating, and sustain this lifestyle.Clean eating is a lifestyle that will do a lot of good for anybody who wants to give it a try. We are talking about holistic benefits, too. The body does not only benefit from the healthy food options; it also gains more energy to perform and accomplish so many things. This will surely bring you a deep sense of satisfaction and happiness.Clean eating is about avoiding processed foods and taking into the body only "real foods" that are nutritionally loaded. You may know someone who is already doing this - or even you, and you just didn't realize it! This book will aid you in taking clean eating a step further and making it a part of your life for good. Take the contents of this book to heart and you will not just see the benefits of clean eating (such as losing weight and having a clearer complexion); you will also feel it. You will look healthy, feel healthy, and overall be very happy with everything you have accomplished.You need this book.

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...

  • What Clean Eating Really Means?
  • Principles of Clean Eating
  • Clean Eating Benefits: Weight Loss & Energy Gain
  • How to Integrate Clean Eating into your Lifestyle?
  • Your 7-Day Meal Plan
  • Much, much more!
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How I Lost 80 Pounds With Smart Carb Eating

RRP $14.99

Learn the secrets of effective weight management! (1) Nutritional Balance. (2) Low Glycemic Impact. (3) Low Energy Density. (4) Regular Exercise. Follow the author on his own journey to success!

Lose Weight With Nutritional Leverage

RRP $18.99

Whether you wish to lose weight, build muscle, reverse the aging process, eliminate chronic disease, get off medications, or just live longer and healthier, all objectives are leveraged by nutrition. Purists miss the point. Average people-that's you and me-just can't become vegan or vegetarian, live on a liquid diet of green goop, give up bread and go low carb, paleo, or survive on dish-fed portions as if we were in prison. I wanted to lose weight, but more than anything, I needed to feel better, healthier, and happier. Caregiver to my aging parents, I watched them spiral down day-to-day. I didn't want to go that way; just adding candles to the birthday cake is meaningless if you're too debilitated to do the things you love. So I built a nutrition plan, but not one item at a time following the whims of television doctors or the latest Facebook wisdom: last week it was pomegranates, now it's coconut oil, and tomorrow pork tartare. My studies while earning a Masters Degree in biochemistry and physiology taught me that the systems that grow, repair, and maintain cells, organs, and our bodies-the mechanisms that keep us young and slim-are too complex to be addressed piecemeal. That's when I had my AHA! and lived my plan: Nutritional Leverage, a natural eating plan, melded with practical lifestyle alternatives for people who enjoy vacation buffets, evening cocktails, and Sunday barbecues. In five months, I took off 50 lbs. (23 kg.) just by providing my body with what it needed to shed fat, repair itself, and regain vitality. The punch line: I started the week after my 62nd birthday. You can do it, too, and this book shows you how.

Healthy Eating On A Dime

RRP $15.99

Do you constantly make the excuse of, "it's too expensive to eat healthy?" I know when I was struggling financially I was living on practically nothing. I would go purchase a pack of ramen from Costco and try to live off that week to week. It was literally all I thought I had money for. I soon found on that my thought was untrue. A friend of mine who is a nutritionist told me it's very easy to eat on a dime. She led me to a few websites and gave me a couple books to look into. After several weeks of research I compiled and created recipes that are cheap in price, but generous in portion size and taste. I know there are a lot of people in the world struggling financially, and food just seems to keep increasing in price while decreasing in value.


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