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Learning To Swim When You're Scared

RRP $16.99

A step by step journey that will help you face your fears and move beyond them.Are you an adult who has always wanted to learn to swim but are simply too scared to try? Are you tired of sitting on the sidelines or the sand while your friends and family enjoy the pool or the ocean? Or have you just decided that NOW is the time to finally learn to swim so you can cross it off your Bucket List? If so, Learning to Swim When You're Scared is just the book to help you! Created specifically for adults who want to swim but lack the confidence to do so it focuses on the steps you need to undertake with simple, positive language and helpful illustrations.If you're looking for a short cut or the previously unpublished "secrets" to becoming a proficient swimmer then keep looking. Learning To Swim When You're Scared doesn't make unrealistic promises or offer a guarantee of success. Rather it gives you the tools you need to make it happen.There are many reasons why people are afraid of learning to swim - some are simple and some are complex. But that doesn't matter. You can conquer your fear and move beyond it as long as you are prepared to roll your sleeves up and have a go.Learning to swim as an adult isn't "easy" - if it was you would have done it already, right? That's not to say it's difficult either, you just need the right information to help you. Learning To Swim When You're Scared will not have you swimming laps in a magically short time frame, rather it's function is to prepare you for formal lessons by getting you confident with submerging, floating and kicking.Learning To Swim When You're Scared starts with some preparation: Pinpointing why you're scaredComing to terms with previous negative experiencesSome simple at home "baby steps" to get the ball rollingThe importance of a support personIt then moves on the nitty gritty - getting in the pool and your head under the water. Full submersion is the key to becoming a swimmer and it is a skill that can take time to learn. This book will guide you each step of the way. Once you can go under the water confidently it then moves onto other basic water skills inclduing: Getting your feet off the bottomLearning to float on the front and backThe correct way to kickWhile seemingly simple these core skills will set you on the path to becoming a proficient swimmer. Spending time and effort on them right at the beginning will pay huge dividends down the track.Everybody can learn to swim!Any lover of swimming and the water will tell you there is nothing quite like it. You don't have to continue being a non-swimmer just because you always have been. It doesn't matter how old you are, if you are overweight or if you have tried and failed before. If you are willing to put in the work you can do it.Don't sit on the sidelines any longer! Come on in the water is great.

A Swim Through The Sea

RRP $15.95

Kids love animals, and sea creatures are no exception! Here is an alphabetical tour of ocean animals led by Seamore the seahorse. Each animal has a simplified alliterative description.

Interactions Of Land, Ocean And Humans

RRP $236.99

Written by Chris Maser, one of the architects of the sustainability movement, Interactions of Land, Ocean and Humans: A Global Perspective explores a critical number of the myriad aspects that comprise the great, reciprocal feedback loops between the mountain peaks, the deep sea, and everywhere in between. Maser's exploration of these connections gives us the tools required to open our imaginations and our scientific literacy, offering insights into the relationships between the land, sea, and people that could influence us toward better decisions.

The author examines the hydrological cycle, hydrological continuum, and anthropogenic pollution of various kinds from the atmosphere to deep belowground. He also highlights connections by detailing how human behavior changes the atmosphere, which changes the oceans, which alters the climate, which alters the atmosphere and thus the ocean, and so on. The book then explores the biophysical commonalities between landscapes and seascapes, as well as the habitats, in each realm. It covers marine fisheries; marine protected areas; oceans as a commodity, as part of the global commons, as a biophysical living trust for which we are the trustees and the children of today and beyond are the beneficiaries; and more.

Can we arrest this deleterious process? Yes, but it will take a dramatic shift in human behavior worldwide. Why? Because, just as the collective human behavior and lack of awareness caused the problems in the first place, the level of consciousness that caused the problem is not the level of consciousness that can fix it. We must shift our thinking from that which is symptomatic to that which is systemic if we are to have a sustainably productive environment through time. Maser gives us the understanding of the biophysical interactions among the lands, oceans, and peoples of the world needed to create sustainable solutions to environmental problems.

Time For A Swim: Level 3

RRP $12.99

Developed by New Zealand reading specialist and author, Pam Holden, this exciting reading program offers an extensive range of illustrated fiction and photographic non-fiction titles at graded levels. Red Rocket Readers offer a carefully controlled sequence of challenges throughout the levels to ensure students progress with confidence and enthusiasm.


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