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Death A La Mode

RRP $24.99

Jackie's still adjusting to having a steady boyfriend--not to mention getting used to the fact that Lucas is a death broker/vampire. With the help of his ex-lover Cathryn--whom Jackie doesn't quite trust--they're trying to figure out why Lucas was turned--and by whom.

Jackie's biggest challenge at the moment, though, is creating a winning entry to the annual Perfect Pecan Pie Festival, the premiere food contest in Palm Dunes, Florida. Testing recipes and running her new restaurant are keeping her busy.

But no one's too busy for murder.

When people around local up-and-coming folk singer Crissy Darwin begin turning up dead, Lucas is pulled into the investigation. He and Jackie suspect that Crissy herself is the target. But can they solve the mystery before the killer strikes again--and without ruining the Festival?

Pour yourself a nice glass of Lambrusco, cut a slice of pie and settle in to see what happens.

Death In The Shadows

RRP $16.99

When Father Gilbert traded in his detective's badge for an Anglican priest's collar, he never expected he would be pulled into a different kind of mystery - the mystery of the spiritual world. Even attending a conference in a seaside town provides no escape as he has yet another supernatural encounter, this time with a murdered girl who worked at a local massage parlour. Details of the murder lead Father Gilbert to approach the police with clues in common with other cases, bringing him into contact with a detective from his days with Scotland Yard. Meanwhile, a local monastery has been vandalized, with grotesque images and profane graffiti defacing the altar and walls. The head of the monastery, from whom Father Gilbert received spiritual direction a couple of years before, is distressed by the attack, accusing the local sex trade industry of retaliating against his outspoken stand against it. Then, one of the brothers at the monastery is found dead in the local red light district. All evidence points to his having been a regular at a massage parlour - the same one where the murdered girl had worked. Intertwined within this web is a young woman who sees the same apparitions that Father Gilbert thought only he could see, plus an obstinate runaway, a distraught father, and a deep corruption pervading the town. And, whether he likes it or not, Father Gilbert is at the centre of it all.

How To Be A Great Gm

RRP $18.99

This book is a How-to on running great Role Playing games. This is not the fool's guide. It is a text for making genuinely interested GMs into great GMs. The material can be implemented a chapter at a time to help a GM enhance an ongoing gaming experience without starting over. The book includes chapters on various aspects of running a Role Playing game such as Non-Player characters, props, prepping for a session, The illusion of Choice, and delivery. A bonus chapter addresses the issue of God and gaming. This long standing issue is discussed in a way that should be interesting to anyone who has ever encountered this debate. Persons who purchase the book may register on to receive a free bonus short story which stems from Pastor Dan's longstanding D&D(TM) camaign and updates (optional) about new books and materials.

A Brief Introduction To Arunachal Pradesh

RRP $13.99

Arunachal Pradesh, formerly known as North East Frontier Agency (NEFA), is the land of rising sun of India. It is endowed with rich biological and cultural diversity. It is entirely a hilly state lies on the mighty Himalayan and Patkoi ranges. It is home of 26 major tribes and 110 sub-tribes with wide ranges of culture, rituals, religion and habits. The state comes under Indo-Myanmar biodiversity zone with centre of origin of several crops and is termed as "Paradise of Botanist." This book is intended for those who want to get preliminary information about this beautiful Himalayan state. This is not about political or current knowledge of Arunachal Pradesh, but about Arunachal Pradesh as it was and as it is. We try to give a brief note on geography, history, people, culture, rituals and practices.

Death Of The Island Fox A Mystery

RRP $29.99

Dillon and Lane are surprised and pleased when Lane's Uncle Jim offers them the use of his new 40' Chris-Craft for their trip to Catalina Island and honeymoon cruise to San Diego's Mission Bay. Uncle Jim is a Rear Admiral in the U.S. Navy and a father figure to Lane and her sisters. The couple, accompanied by two family members, sails to Catalina Island where the remainder of their small family on both sides joins them for a fun weekend, which culminates in a Saturday evening wedding. After the wedding, Uncle Jim has the newlyweds drop him off on the north side of nearby San Clemente Island on their voyage to Mission Bay. Lane and Dillon reluctantly agree, feeling guilty over his generosity. After delivering Uncle Jim to the island, the newlyweds slowly motor south along the isolated far coast of the island, when suddenly they are both knocked off the deck and into the water. The boat, still in gear, heads ghostly towards Mexican waters. Dillon manages to get them safely to shore, and working together they find food and shelter. After days of being marooned on the island, they find a hysterical young woman calling and searching for her Australian boyfriend. The couple had been camping illegally on the beach with their sailboat anchored nearby. Dillon and Lane soon become embroiled in a web of deceit, international conspiracy, unexplained death, political and naval corruption, kickbacks, and missing persons.


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