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Loan Workouts & Debt For Equity Swaps - A Framework For Successful Corporate Rescues

RRP $302.99

The key to a successful loan workout is to identify the problems accurately and address them early. It is critical that the company's underlying business and financial problems are resolved and not merely the symptoms.<br> <br> Loan Workouts and Debt for Equity Swaps examines how a successful loan workout can be managed. It detail the processes and participants involved, whilst providing frameworks and practical step- by-step approaches that allow for a coherent and cohesive policy to give the best possible chance of success. The book assists in the ultimate aim of providing a firm base for the future health of the company involved and maximizing the lenders' returns. This work is not merely restricted to companies and banks involved in the process, but other important participants in loan workouts.<br> Areas featured in the book are:<br> * What loan workouts are and why they are needed<br> * Non-performing loans related strategies, organization and systems<br> * Participants involved in loan workouts and their motivations<br> * Symptoms of corporate distress and corporate turnaround strategies<br> * Major steps involved in a typical loan workout transaction<br> * Special issues relating to debt for equity swap transactions<br> * A case study illustrating many of the issues covered in the book

The Little Book Of Big Workouts

RRP $12.99

Just because you're exercising doesn't mean you're working out! Why do so many people slog away at the gym getting nowhere? It's simple; they're not doing effective workouts! "I like to compare a workout to a work of art," says Damien Kelly, one of Australia's top fitness programmers. "A good artwork is not just paint thrown on the canvas with no thought, emotion or skill. Just as a workout is not a bunch of exercises thrown together with no thought, emotion or skill ...a workout should have balance, intrigue, excitement and maybe even a touch of fear.

Every day, people waste their time and hard efforts by doing a random bunch of exercises that in isolations are okay but that just don't work together to give maximum benefit." In The Little Book of Big Workouts, Damien gives you 31 bespoke workouts to maximise your fitness fast. His unique fitness programs are challenging but achievable for all levels of fitness.

About the Author

Damien Kelly is a qualified Exercise Scientist with over 17 years of experience in the fitness industry as both a professional trainer and fitness journalist. Damien's workouts and no-nonsense, science-based fitness advice was featured in The Sunday Telegraph for over 10 years. Damien runs twp fitness studios in Sydney, Australia.

The Skinny Blend Active Lean Body Hiit Workout Plan

RRP $22.99

The Skinny Blend Active Lean Body HIIT Workout Plan
Calorie Counted Smoothies With 15 Minute Workouts For A Leaner, Fitter You.

The #1 best-selling personal blender recipe book now with illustrated high intensity interval training workout plan.

Pick from our selection of great smoothie recipes as part of your balanced daily diet and follow our 4 pre-planned HIIT sessions each week. Every workout lasts for just 15 minutes, is easy to follow with simple instructions and diagrams for each exercise + tips to help you get the most from your training. No equipment or expensive gym membership needed!

There has never been a better time to get build a healthier, leaner, fitter body.

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